Michelle Flood

Michelle Flood, co-owner of Amarillo Escape and Mystery, joined the world of escape rooms alongside her husband Keith over three years ago. It was during Keith's birthday celebration that Michelle, fueled by curiosity, stumbled upon Amarillo Escape and Mystery as a top-rated attraction. Little did she know that this encounter would spark a deep passion for immersive adventures. Michelle's love for escape rooms lies in the opportunity they provide for families to come together, learn new things about each other, and forge cherished memories. Michelle, who took over the ownership of Amarillo Escape and Mystery in 2019, is dedicated to carrying forward the legacy of a fun, family-friendly environment that fosters connections and creates enduring stories. With her warm smile and genuine enthusiasm, Michelle invites you to join her and experience the thrill of an escape room or indulge in a captivating mystery dinner, becoming a cherished guest in their world of excitement and camaraderie.

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