How to Play

Who Should Play?

Amarillo Escape and Mystery is great for anyone. It is perfect for date nights, family events, team building, and many other events.

For Team Building

Our escape rooms are designed for intense participation from the group trying to escape. It’s perfect for team-building experiences in Amarillo and the surrounding tri-state area.

For Special Events

Whatever the celebration, Amarillo Escape and Mystery is here to take it to another level. Book your room and contact us to see how we can help make any special occasion even better.

About Amarillo Escape and Mystery

Best Amusement and Entertainment Activities in Amarillo

At Amarillo Escape and Mystery, we specialize in giving people a different kind of experience, one that goes beyond simply being entertained. We don't just provide puzzles and games; we provide unforgettable experiences. We offer a variety of exciting activities to pique curiosity and ignite the imagination.

Our team is welcoming and open to making sure your visit to Amarillo Escape and Mystery becomes an unforgettable experience. From provid... Learn More

Exciting and Thrilling Fun Experiences for Everyone

Our games have different themes that various groups can play. They are designed to be both challenging and enjoyable for those playing by creating an immersive experience that immerses players in the game world before they begin to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the game itself. 

Our rooms are suitable for people of all ages. We understand that not every member of your party might have a degree in puzzle solving, so all of our games are d... Learn More

Luxurious Mystery Dinner Escape From the Ordinary

Escape to Amarillo Escape and Mystery, where you can enjoy a magical evening filled with mystery, intrigue, and suspense. We offer a wide range of exciting activities, including private parties, mysteries, and escape rooms. Our venue is designed to make sure that your visit is a never-ending source of entertainment. 

Our business is well-equipped to handle custom-built games and games designed to last for a reasonable amount of time. We striv... Learn More

Immersive Adventures

What We Do

Escape reality and become a sleuth at Amarillo Escape and Mystery. Leave the game controllers at home because, here, we put you INSIDE the game.

Our Escape Rooms

Enter one of our theme-based rooms, where the door will lock behind you. A clock begins ticking, and you, along with other participants, have 60 minutes to solve clues, puzzles, and riddles to unravel a mystery and escape the room. Based off of the board game, Clue, and online escape games.

Our Mystery Dinners

Our themed mystery dinners offer a full evening of entertainment. Come dressed in character, enjoy dinner, and then channel your inner sleuth as you work to solve a mystery. Our mystery dinners are one of a kind and combine traditional murder mystery dinners with escape rooms.


Natalie Gorrell

We did the Jungle Escape and had so much fun! Highly recommend!

Jun 20, 2023
Kerry Calavano

We absolutely loved the first room that we tried, The Jungle, so we went for a second room later in the day, Stamped. Both rooms were challenging and fun. Awesome props, room design, and ambiance. The staff was welcoming, and you could tell they really wanted you to win—without giving you the answers, of course!

Jun 20, 2023
Brittney Moore

This place was awesome! Me and my friend had so much fun and they were very accommodating! fun, They take time to create fun games and mysteries for everyone to enjoy, and the owners and workers there are so friendly! Cooper and David were amazing!

Jun 20, 2023