What we do:

Escape reality and become the sleuth at Amarillo Escape and Mystery. Leave the game controllers at home because, here, we put you INSIDE the game.

Our Escape Rooms: (Based off of the board game, Clue, and online escape games) Enter one of our theme-based rooms where the door will lock behind you. A clock begins ticking and you, along with other participants, have 60 minutes to solve clues, puzzles and riddles to unravel a mystery and escape the room.

Our Mystery Dinners: Our themed mystery dinners offer a full evening of entertainment. Come dressed in character, enjoy dinner then channel your inner sleuth as you work to solve a mystery. Our mystery dinners are one of a kind, and combine traditional murder mystery dinner with escape room.


Who we are:

imageChildhood friends, Jessica Winks and Amy Neese, have always preferred fantasy over reality. That might explain their giggly, failed attempt at levitation spells in grade school, their sleepless night in a sketchy wood cabin in college and the unsuccessful ghost hunt as young adults. During their most recent travel adventure, Winks and Neese locked themselves in an escape room (after first circling the parking lot to scope out that the advertised attraction wasn’t a ploy for loonies to lock them away forever). After the 60 minute challenge (which they failed miserably), Winks and Neese knew the escape rooms were something they needed to bring to Amarillo. Escape rooms, which had been popular in Asia and Europe for years, were beginning to pop up in the United States. The exciting business offered a great form of entertainment for the general public, but as state certified educators, Winks and Neese also recognized it as a fantastic team bonding opportunity for business and organizations. After getting the green light from their husbands, Buddy and Josh, the two women began planning their escape games. Amarillo Escape and Mystery opened in October 2015 with three escape rooms.