Our Current Escape Rooms:

(All of our games are completely private regardless of party size. Our escape games are designed for adults and we do not offer discounted prices for children. Any players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 5 and under are free. Prices are $25 per person plus tax. )


*This is our newest room*

You awaken and realize that you are not in a familiar place. There is a bump on your head and darkness all around. How did you get here? Where is “here”? The last thing you do remember is that you were going to meet the AEM Travel Agent for a tour of your dream vacation. The trip where you got the first stamp in your passport. Now all you know is there are 60 minutes glowing in red, and you have an ominous feeling that you are now a part of someone’s twisted game.

This room is designed for 2-10 players. Escape Rate: 41%

*This room is played in near darkness. There is also a flashing light so if you have a light aversion please let us know ahead of time. 

The Missing…

You and your friends have broken into the old, abandoned house on Hallow Road. However, once inside, you stumble across clues that would solve a string of cold cases. As you race to uncover evidence, you discover one more thing… the home is not vacant! Will you make it out with the evidence, or will you be the next to go missing? This room is rated PG-13 and is not recommended for small children. It is designed for 2-10 players. Current Escape Rate: 48%

* Those who are color blind may have difficulty with a couple of puzzles inside this room. 

 The Jungle…

You gave your team of archaeologists two jobs, excavate the artifacts and hurry back. However, now the team is lost, or captured, or perhaps worse, dead. This leaves you no choice but to strap on your hiking boots, find your team and finish the job yourself. The problem is, your team isn’t the first to disappear in this jungle. If you go, what’s the possibility that you will ever return?
This room is designed for 2-10 players. Escape Rate: 41%

The Cabin…

You and your party were skiing when bad weather forced you down the mountain. On your way back down the mountain, you get lost and stumble across a cabin. You break in and find yourself trapped. The alarm goes off and all the doors are now locked. You must find the old bootleggers exit and escape before the weather gets too bad.

This room is designed for 2-10 players. Escape Rate: 38%

* Those who are color blind may have difficulty with a couple of puzzles inside this room.

Where in the Cat’s Name is Mr. Bojangles?

Edna has been busy planning and preparing for her grandson’s birthday party but now she is missing her beloved cat, Mr. Bojangles. Edna is positive there is a cat-napper on the loose. The police have ignore her reports and she is now asking you for help. She has compiled a list of suspects and now it is up to you. Can you catch the cat perp and return Mr. Bojangles to save Edna’s party? (This room will be coming down very soon. If you have not had a chance to play it, book it before Edna moves out.)

*Those who have color blindness may have difficulty in this room*

This room is designed for 2-6 players. Current escape rate: Not yet determined